Vancouver MK2 Meetup



Hopefully you're doing well —we're finally getting a bit a break from the smoke.

Ideas have been brewing in the Canadian MK Discord Server, and after the success of the pilot meetup in March, we're proud to announce that another is in the works for this Fall! We learned a lot from the one back in Spring, and are hoping to make this one even better. We hope to see more people and keyboards than before. As with last time, we'd like to hold some contests and raffles. If you're interested in sponsoring this event, let us know!

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Alternative Creations Studio
1659 Venables St
V5L 2H1

October 21st 1:00pm — 4:00pm

Take the 20 from Commercial-Broadway Station.
Free parking down Cotton Drive.


Attending Vendors / Sponsors
Colin / ipee9932cd
Specialee Made


If you'd like to sponsor, please email us at [email protected]


And We're Off - 08/09/18

We’re all set — registration is open! Everything is certainly going smoother than last year. A spacious 3300sqft art gallery/studio has been secured for the meetup. I’ve done my best to meet everyone’s requirements from the IC: the venue is located on Venables and Commercial, one block from free parking, and reasonably accessible by transit. I’ve also taken some things we learned last time into consideration: more square footage per person and better ventilation via large garage style doors. No one wants to be trapped in a room with a hundred sweaty internet-folk. Those of you from out of town are also being kept in mind — there are over a dozen inexpensive Airbnbs within walking distance. The meetup is in one of Vancouver’s most diverse neighbourhoods, and there are an abundance of awesome restaurants and bars lining Commercial Drive. We’ll also be changing some things regarding the giveaway and how activities will be run.

Now on to the important stuff: the meetup will be on October 21st, from 1:00 to 4:00pm at 1659 Venables St. We have the venue all day, so depending on the mood it may be possible to extend it. 3 hours is generally the sweet spot. Buying and selling are permitted! Vendors are certainly encouraged, you can reserve a table in a special area by sponsoring the event or purchasing a Vendor ticket. Shortly after buying your ticket you will receive access to a form and a doc where you can list your goods. We’re expecting over 100 guests!

Some cool meetup swag for everyone is in the works. Additionally, the wonderfully generous Primecaps, ZealPC, Keybai, PekTech, and Pimp My Keyboard have been confirmed as sponsors for the event. More are on the way! If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, please contact us.

Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm. — Matt

Thank you!

For making the Spring 2018 Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meetup a huge success! We had over 60 attendees, 8 vendors, and 40 prizes. It was awesome to see projects like chocolate artisans, the Zephyr, handmade cases, and brand-new artisans. It was also a blast seeing everyone's amazing keyboards! We hope everyone had fun, and it was great meeting you all — this community is truly unlike any other. Let this be the first of many meetups to come! If you want to be notified of future meetups, submit your email above, or find us in the #vancouver-meetup channel on the Canadian MK Discord Server.

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The Beaumont Studios
326 W 5th Ave
V5Y 3P1

March 25th 1:00pm — 4:00pm

5 Minutes from the Canada Line.
Parking nearby.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]



Thank you! - 30/03/18

Thank you all for making the Spring 2018 Vancouver Mechanical Keyboard Meetup a huge success! We had over 60 attendees, 8 vendors, and 40 prizes. It was awesome to see projects like chocolate artisans, the Zephyr, handmade cases, and brand-new artisans. It was also a blast seeing everyone's unique and amazing keyboards! We hope everyone had fun, and it was great meeting you all — this community is truly unlike any other.

Hopefully this is the first of many meetups to come! We learned a lot from planning this, and want to read comments/suggestions related to your experience. We're looking at this as a sort of pilot: the next meetup will definitely be larger (as of yesterday there were 30 people on the waitlist), and hopefully uncapped. We'll likely also handle ticketing/funding in a slightly different manner in order to make the event more accessible. We were hoping to donate any extra funds to charity, however we budgeted almost too well and the net for this meetup was -$7.56 — about the cost of a ticket for myself :)

If you want to be notified of upcoming meetups, submit your email here, or (as always) find us in the #vancouver-meetup channel on the Canadian MK Discord Server. Updates and info will also be posted on our website.

Hope to see you again! — Matt

Registration Results - 04/02/18

Thank you to everyone for responding to the registration form! The response was overwhelming; we honestly didn't expect such a large amount of interest! We actually reached the maximum capacity of the venue and had to create a wait-list. So, some stats: according to the registration form, we'll see between 92-132 keyboards,  60 attendees, 9 of which are vendors or artisans. Unfortunately, there are also 12 people on our waitlist. We booked the venue based on our IC responses, but it turned out that we got twice as many responses this time around. If you find out you are not able to attend, please let us know!

As for sponsors, I am proud to announce over the last week 12 sponsors agreed to provide prizes for the event! We've got cases, artisans, switches, and other cool stuff to be given away in draws and as prizes. Here's a peek at what KBDfans sent us: (1 of 3 in existence!). Our list of sponsors has grown to include: Keybai, Primecaps, Switchsource, ZealPC, KBDfans, Keycao Confections, SpaceCat Design, /u/OsciX, Zap Cables, and PekTech.

Finally, we're working on how to collect payment. We've finalized the ticket price at $8, and the options we have to collect payment are the following: Paypal, e-Transfer, or a third-party service such as Eventbrite. Eventbrite makes it somewhat convenient to set up tickets on our side, but the fees they charge would add around $1 per ticket. As far as we can tell, Interac e-Transfers are free and very convenient, but it may depend on what bank you're using. Using Paypal friends and family means no fees that would have to be factored into the ticket price, however some people don't like it. For that reason, please let us know which method you'd prefer in this survey and we'll use what the majority picks.

We'll leave the survey open a few days and go from there.

Cheers! — Matt

Date & Venue - 23/01/18

Hey everyone, the meetup's slowly been coming together over the last month and we have a couple of things to share with you. TLDR; we've chosen a date, venue, are opening initial registration, and are continuing to contact sponsors for the event.

The venue: turns out finding a large but inexpensive venue in Vancouver is somewhat of a challenge. However, we believe have finally found a place that matches the general needs expressed in the first IC. The Beaumont Studios (located at 326 W 5th Ave) is only a five-minute walk from the Olympic Village skytrain station, and has plenty of parking nearby. The 2400sqft space should be plenty to accommodate around 60 people and their keyboards. We also plan to set up a small market and vendors' area. We've seen the venue in person and can confirm it looks great!

Sunday March 25 is the date we have set for the venue. It is still somewhat flexible; however, this is the date that we have confirmed will work for those coming from out of town. Based on the initial IC, the meetup will run from 1pm - 4pm, as it appears that most respondants prefer the afternoon. We're still working on activities and contests, but you can expect typing races, switch guessing, raffles, and prizes for boards voted things such as "Most Beautiful" or "Most Blinding RGB".

Finally, we've opened initial registration: essentially you RSVP for the event, but can choose to purchase tickets later on. We are doing this in order get more precise numbers which will help us sort out some final details. In roughly two weeks, we will send out emails with the final ticket price and a link to pay. Ticket price is currently estimated to be around $8; it should cover the cost of the venue/prizes/cheetos. Ideally the event would be free —we want to make it as accessible as possible— so for that reason we'll continue to contact potential sponsors in hopes of lowering the cost.

A bit of exciting news to close off the update: we have now confirmed Keybai, Primecaps Artisans, Switchsource, and ZealPC as sponsors of the event. Those wonderfully generous people have offered to provide some awesome stuff as contest and giveaway prizes! We're also working on attaining some Vancouver-themed keyboard swag which will be given as a token of our appreciation.

Thanks to you all! — Matt

IC Results - 03/12/17

Hello! Thank you all so much for filling out the interest check form — we are now moving into the next stages of determining the venue and associated costs, followed by organizing vendors, giveaways and activates. The entire team would like to thank you for your input, and we'll be working to allow as many of you as possible to join us.

In terms of results, they were extremely insightful. 100% of you said you would like to attend, which... well frankly was what we expected. In terms of when the event is to take place, it's a little trickier. It was an even split between February-March and April-May, with June-July trailing somewhat behind. It is likely going to take place between February and May — we'll be sure to send out an email once we have that date finalized. It will take place on a Saturday or Sunday to accommodate those who work or have school. About 67% of people would prefer an afternoon meetup, which will work out very well.

In terms of pricing, it will likely be in the range of $8-$10. A significant number of people suggested $10+, however we want to give as many people as possible to ability to attend, and the lower the cost the better. It will also largely depend on our location and costs associated with the venue. We will definitely take transit routes and places to eat into consideration, although unfortunately it's unlikely we'll be able to rent out a restaurant or the like for this event.

We have received an absolute ton of suggestions when it comes to activities at the event, and we'll be working hard to figure out logistics for the more down-to-Earth options. We will also be working with local vendors to bring them to the event, including ZealPC, Primecaps and MechKeys.

We hope to be able to send out more updates as the event approaches and will be sending emails when important decisions have been made. You can also check out our new website, where all updates will be posted:

Thanks! - gmemstr